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Fire and Safety Training

Fire and Safety Training

Before you go for a Fire and Safety training, you need to understand its crucial importance first. What fires can do is known to everyone- it can cause injuries, destroy properties, leads to death, loss of jobs due to factories and offices are burned & many more. The demand for Fire & Safety is rising at an alarming rate and hence, we need to be ready for any kind of emergencies.

What do we offer?

With Fire and Safety training, learners can know how to recognize fire hazards, implement and fire safety risk assessment, safe a workplace from fire and respond quickly in case of emergencies.

Based on the requirement worldwide, we have categorized our training modules in the following:

Induction Training: This training is provided just before fire & safety teams visit a site. It is compulsory to deal with emergencies.

One Day training: Customized training is offered at our client’s premises and it is chargeable.

Refresher Training: Fire is a hazard and a newcomer is not allowed here. Hence, we conduct refresher training for our employees every quarter. This helps them to sharpen their skills and perform even better for upcoming projects. We also suggest clients encourage their employees for participating in Refresher training so that they would have some basic module of rescue techniques, fire/firefighting, and emergency handling.

Three/Seven Days F & S Training: Based on the requirements of our client, we are ready to offer customized training to their employees either at our site or their site. Charges are decided and shared based on the size of organizations.

Work Place Safety: We do provide workplace safety training to workers/employees at a very affordable price.

3-4 Months Fire & Safety Training: This training is exclusively designed and executed for client’s employees/land losers/individuals affected by the project to make them capable of fighting against fire hazards. The training is provided at a mutually decided site convenient to us and the client as well.

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